5G Towers Cause Covid-19.

Just kidding. That’s absolute bullshit. 

But now that you’re here, let’s talk about reparations. 

If you’re white, you owe reparations for the slavery that your ancestors supported. If you disagree, that’s an example of your white privilege. Still disagree? Here’s my quick quiz to find out if you owe reparations: Raise your hand if you are white. If you’re raising your hand, you need to pay up. Okay? Okay. Continuing on.

I am not “rich”. My husband is the one with the steady paycheck, and I live in the luxury of knowing we will have food on our table and a roof over our heads while I stay at home with the boys and run my business. We do not have piles of cash stowed away for a rainy day project, but I do have skills that have value, and time that can be used for serving.

Going forward, my focus is to provide my photography services free-of-charge to Black women who are pregnant or have newborns. Maternity and newborn sessions will be provided at no cost for as many as I can. If you or someone you know of in the Sioux Falls area can be served, please use the contact form to reach out. 

If you have a few extra moments, here are a few sources of information that are useful:

National Partnership for Women  & Families

Racial/Ethnic Disparities: CDC

Maternal Mortality Rates in the US: CDC 

Why Giving Birth in the U.S. is Surprisingly Deadly: National Geographic

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