Hello, Sister.

Since you were a little girl. Before you had your first boyfriend. I’ve been there, watching you grow (in a totally non creepy way, before you call me on that comment). 

I’ve been in love with your brother since he and I were practically babies ourselves. You loathed me at times… Understandably. But eventually was our goal. Eventually we grew. All of us. And now. 

We are sisters. 

Never more have I felt this than the moment I sat in your recovery room with you, helping you learn about teaching your sweet little girl how to latch correctly, while coaching you to breathe and reminding you to not stress - you were both learning these new roles at the same time. 

Helping you understand self advocacy. Being with you while you asked questions and waited for the okay to go home… 

Your first seconds at home with her. I could feel your stress, knew your physical pain. 

I don’t have words other than thank you. Thank you so much, for letting me be there to witness that.

And welcome. 

Welcome to our tribe. 

You’re doing better than you think you are. 

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