Just Add Paint

Sometimes, doing the scary thing helps set your mind right.

Sometimes, doing something different (or even a bit scary) helps you reset. 

Lately, things have been ugly. My mind, my heart, self esteem, my marriage, my laundry room… hell, I’ve even been feeling down about the weather (sunshine is my frannnnd). 

All the Covid crap and family life stuff has felt like an anchor, and the other day I decided to flip the switch and do something to shake up my routine with the boys. We usually draw or color or paint every day, but I wanted today to be different. 

So I made it different. 

This is the result. 

And now? I feel pretty great. Even when I look at these photos and my desire to have my pre-pregnancy body back starts whispering criticisms at me, the other part of me that had the cobwebs shaken off by this shoot reminds me more loudly to give myself grace and love. 

Do the same for yourself today. If you’re feeling off, I challenge you to find your own way to #JustAddPaint to make yourself feel like art. I promise it feels so good (even if the paint gets shoved up your nose). 

Full session below. 

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