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Minneapolis & Twin Ports area availability: Summer 2019 - Winter 2020

Message me for dates; my priority will be to clients in your area. Mkay? Mkay. Let's do the damn thing.

Delivery Timeline for July 2019 and beyond:

Due to travel that will be involved with spending time with my dad while he fights like a badass through end stage lung cancer, I will frequently be away from work. Average gallery delivery is 6 weeks. Email and phone contacts will be forwarded to messaging until I return to being consistently in the Siouxland area, but I will have an assistant on hand to help during the in-between. Thank you all for your patience with me while our family rocks on.

Portrait Sessions

If you have a face, we can make a portrait. My favorites are moms, toddlers who can sit unsupported on a stool, and adults over the age of 60 who are willing to tell their story. I like people who are open to discussing things that matter (skin color/your past/your dreams/fears/marriage/favorite breakfast cereal...) I don't smooth wrinkles in photoshop, and won't make it my life's work to cure you of loathing having your photo taken. I personally feel nauseous when someone points a lens at me, but sometimes I let it happen because #whythefucknot ?! Sioux Falls area coverage is limited: please message me for availability.

Price: $500


The moment you decide to book me, you are safe. Your memories that haven't happened yet are safe. I will help you to create a printable documentary that reflects your joy, your history together, but most importantly, the celebration of your love. The price below isn't set in stone, and I encourage you to connect with me. I love nothing more than having a conversation with a couple so I can create a quote that will help you record something incredible. 

Full Day Coverage: $2300

Elopements: Contact for quote.

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