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Hey there!

I'm happy you're here! I'm Autumn - I'm midwest based but am always stoked to travel. I adore film photography, and utilize a hybrid approach (both film and digital) with each project. Feel free to send a message to learn more about my availability.

Portrait Sessions

If you have a face, we can make a portrait. I like people who are open to discussing things that matter (skin color/your past/your dreams/fears/marriage/favorite breakfast cereal...) I don't smooth wrinkles in photoshop, and won't make it my life's work to cure you of loathing having your photo taken. I personally feel nauseous when someone points a lens at me, but sometimes I let it happen because yo. Why the fuck not?! Have a story you'd like to see in print? Come at me. Please message me for availability.

Price: $400


My ideal clients dream of getting caught in the rain on their celebration day.

They often describe themselves as minimalist, and are generally part of the "old millennial" generation. People who crack jokes about dying of dysentery on the Oregon Trail, floppy discs, and know what I'm talking about when I refer to the Dewey Decimal System. I'm looking for couples (all pronouns welcome here!) who are adventurous. People who are focused on nontraditional weddings - think intimate ceremonies and creative locations (the crazier, the better). I love all love, but prefer to document love stories when the focus is specifically, beautifully, truly placed on the couple.

I don't get much joy in photographing 300 family members together because "Aunty Joyce will get mad if we don't". Let's celebrate you.

If you grew up in a space ship made of cardboard boxes and a collection of broken Crayola crayons, you're my kind of people. Let's do the damn thang.

Intimate Celebrations & Elopements (prioritized booking): $2500 (travel/lodging costs apply where applicable)

2020 Portrait Clients:

Be ready to tell a warrior's story.

Bring all the big shit. The bigger your story and willingness to commit to the honesty of life, the bigger my likelihood will be to accept an opportunity. Message me now.

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