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 I'm Autumn - I'm midwest based but am always jazzed to travel. I adore film (black and white - which I develop by hand in my own home) photography, and utilize a hybrid approach (meaning I use both film and digital with each session). I also tend to look for the story within each session, and am focused on helping my future clients tell the story of their journeys. 

Portrait Sessions

If you or your itty bitty baby have a face you want photographed in a classic way that will still feel like home 50 years from now, let's do the damn thing. Fair warning:  I don't smooth wrinkles in photoshop, and won't make it my life's work to cure you of loathing having your photo taken. I focus on wrinkles - whether it be your sweet baby's dry, peeling skin, or your stretch marks or laugh lines. Those are truly some of the most beautiful things I can ever capture. 

My promise:  Honestly? I know and feel the deep regret of being a mama/woman/human who hasn't let themselves be seen

I will help you feel like you're seen. If I'm capturing your baby, I promise to help you record something honest and timelessly beautiful.  Some day, you and your baby (maybe even grand or GREAT grand baby) will look up at the photos on the wall while you tell your stories. My promise to you is that a portrait session with me will afford you a few moments that allow time and place to fade away. You. Your babies. That's what matters. Now matters. 

Classic and timeless is my jam. I will show up and move your furniture and clear your clutter and set up a clean, crisp backdrop near whatever window is available. I'm not fussy about anything other than light: all I require is one window. I've worked in tiny, dark, cluttered apartments and giant, beautifully-lit million-dollar homes. Every time, my goal is you. I want to capture you or your love how you are. Props are meh. 

Price: $295 (Includes a gallery of high resolution files for you to download and share.) Sioux Falls area within 10 miles includes no additional travel fee. Minneapolis and/or Duluth/Superior areas have minimal travel fees. 

Heads up: certain times of the year have higher demand, and travel fees vary based upon where I am at the time of your requested session. Please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm happy to make just about anything work, within reason. Photography makes me happy. 

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